Our Commitment to Diversity


Diversity is the lifeblood of our law school. It isn’t an option; it’s an on-going commitment that comes from our core values.

The School of Law is committed to helping diversify the profession through its admission practices and in the creation of an environment for faculty, staff and students that is inclusive and supportive of a diverse community.

TJSL is ranked by U.S. News & World Report in 2011 as the 33rd most diverse law school in the nation, based on the demographics of the student body.

TJSL is one of the few California-based ABA law school recognized for having its Latino/Chicano/Hispanic student population as the largest student of color group on campus.  TJSL has implemented a comprehensive strategy, internally and externally, to do everything necessary to recruit, enroll and retain a significantly more inclusive student body.  We believe we have been successful not only in increasing diversity,  but also in institutionalizing these activities, to ensure that each successive class would more accurately represent the racial and ethnic diversity of our local, state and national populations.  

TJSL has a Faculty-Student Diversity Committee that sponsors a wide array of events and programs to enhance an inclusive, open and diverse campus. 

TJSL's Diversity Committee Mission Statement

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law Diversity Committee consists of faculty, students, staff, and

members of the administration. Our mission is to facilitate, build, and create interaction, understanding and dialogue among the diverse people who make up our school community and to work to improve and enhance the diversity of the law school, legal education and the legal profession. We invite members of the TJSL community to contact any of our members to discuss any concerns that you might have or ideas to promote understanding and diversity. We continue to plan some interesting programming for this semester and we welcome input on ideas that you would like to include or your assistance if you would like to help. Please feel free to contact any members of the Committee listed below.

TJSL is committed to a policy of non-discrimination: See TJSL's Non-Discrimination Policy

TJSL reaffirms diversity and non-discrimination commitment in light of Don't Ask Don't Tell and the Solomon Amendment.

TJSL faculty has unanimously endorsed the San Diego County Bar Association’s Diversity Pledge.

TJSL has sponsored in 2006, 2008 and will again sponsor in 2011 the pre-law school national diversity program-- Council on Legal Educational Opportunity (CLEO) Summer Institute. CLEO is an American Bar Association-affiliated organization that supports diversity in legal education.

TJSL sponsors an annual Women and the Law Conference.

TJSL has been a leader in sponsoring diversity related scholarly conferences including Women of Color and Intersectionality: Understanding and Addressing Challenges, diversity related issues in Obama's Educational Reform Agenda, The Case for Reparations, Women & Domestic Violence and a myriad of local programming.

TJSL students, staff and faculty participate in the annual Women of Color in the Law luncheon with Judge Vallera Johnson which brings attorneys, judges and students from around the city for important networking opportunities.

TJSL has one of the most diverse faculties in the nation: See Our Faculty Profiles

TJSL has a rich and dynamic diversity of Student Organizations.